This week is Banned Books week!. Locally, the Library is celebrating. In fact, that is why I am writing this.

My son pointed out the banned book display in the front of the library. He asked me if “Fahrenheit 451” was an actual banned book, or was it in the display because it is about banned books.

I was taken back, because honestly, I was not sure what that book was about (i think it was required reading in HS, but I never read it).

My son was able to tell me quite a few details and gave me a great synopsis of the book.  I asked my son (11yrs old) how he knew all of this. He replied “some video on Ted Ed”.

So this morning I did my research to help answer his question. I read to him (while he plays Mario Party with his sister) from this list I found online and we were both surprised at some. And giggled a bit.


1. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 has to head this list of “ironic books banned.” Why? Fahrenheit 451 is an entire novel about the future and the banning (and burning) of books. It was banned, ironically, because one of the books that eventually gets banned and burned is the Bible

I love SDE.  Here’s some more info i came across, that I will continue to research (though my son is off onto other things right now)