This week is going to be awesome!!! Reminder to check the Band app for details about the Lock-In.

We will be making wands Monday, and some of us may be dressing up to celebrate not only Hemione’s birthday, but we are approx. 9 3/4 of the way thru the year (I think, can someone check my math??)

There is a link (to a video) in the event page about how we will be making our wands. And a super cool link to a “Day-by Day Calendar of Philosopher’s Stone”

“The dates given on this calendar are either stated specifically in the books or can be deduced with a fair degree of certainty. Some events, such as Norbert’s arrival, are given approximately and are therefore written in blue.”

Wednesday we will make giant bubbles (Unless it is too crazy hot out), and Friday a member will show us how to make hair bows!

Please bring any bubble equipment and soap you have to share!

We have plenty of craft supplies for the hair bows on Friday