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A Self-Directed Learning Community

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Why did POP Louisville come about?

As a group of homeschooling families practicing self-directed education, we found ourselves wishing for:

  • A space to hang out for hours at a time, that actively encourages children’s presence, while also being comfortable and attractive to teens and adults.
  • A community of families to grow alongside.
  • Unstructured time to socialize, learn and grow.
  • A space where activities and themes may be offered, yet involvement is always optional.
  • A space that allows running, playing, and loud play, while also containing spaces that may provide escape from the noise.
  • A multipurpose indoor space that is reliably available during the day, so that we can meet up even when it’s too hot, too cold or stormy.
  • An affordable, familiar place to host community events and classes, parties and more.
  • A space to interface with the larger community that is centered in respecting autonomy inclusive of age and ability. (Not just families unschooling or practicing self-directed education)
  • A welcoming entry point for families interested in learning more about self-directed education, and for those already practicing self-directed education who are new to Louisville.

Who is welcome at POP Louisville?

We welcome all families with an interest in building community and respecting children as whole beings. We recognize that this will be expressed differently for every family. Before you come, we do want you to read and acknowledge our Community Agreement.

Whether you’re curious or committed, we’d love for you to stop by and check out what’s happening here, imagine how you might fit in, and let us know how we can do better!

Check out the “Visit POP” page to sign up for a first visit!


Is POP Louisville a nonprofit?

Yes, we are registered in Louisville KY as a non-profit. In  2022 we received federal 501(c)3 status.  Our volunteer organizers and hosts are all financial contributors as well, and we structure POP Louisville as a non-profit. Our accounting is as transparent as possible, though the amount of each member’s contribution will remain anonymous. Financial snapshots detailing expenses and contributions are available upon request, and will soon be published in a regular newsletter.

How can I find out about events at POP Louisville?

There are many ways to connect!  Read our News page for blog updates! Sign up to receive our email newsletter with highlights and updates (Hopefully starting soon). The online events calendar is frequently updated. We post public events to our POP Louisville Facebook Public Page. You can also follow us on Instagram @poplouisville if that’s more your style.

Once you have visited the space in person, we ask that you join the POP Louisville BAND. This is a free group communication app where updates, connections and discussions happen!

I want to get more involved in the POP Louisville community. How can I help?

There are infinite ways you can support this unique project. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a new meetup, skill share, or event for the community! Examples of events include: a music class, movie nights, sewing club, craft days, nonviolent communication workshops.
  • Invite a friend to come check out the space
  • Volunteer your time, energy, and skills as an organizer or host.
  • Join one of teams/committees! (coming soon)
  • Donate items from our Amazon Wishlist or donate money.
  • Join our main POP Board Of Directors (email for details)