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A Self-Directed Learning Community


Please read through the information thoroughly with your child(ren)! This handbook helps you understand how POP operates, and our current rules and guides.  Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for our handbook. 

Once read, please print and sign a copy of our Member Agreement. (posted at end of this page as well)


To be updated Yearly.

These are form waivers from our insurance company that every member (adult and youth) of POP must sign and have on file. 

how much

Monthly Membership Dues are per child.

We currently offer “Levels” of membership, based on how many days you attend.

  • “Level 1” One day per week – $10/month
  • “Level 2” Two days per week – $20/month
  • “Level 3” Three days per week – $30/month

We strive to keep dues as low as possible. (currently works out to be about $2.50 per meetup) There may be costs associated with future optional offerings, (supplies etc,) but costs will be minimal.

POP will send out a monthly Paypal Invoice. Let us know if you don’t receive one, or have any questions.

Below are direct links to send money if needed. 

Conflict Resolution

Suggested Conflict Resolution Steps:

Step one: Take a breath. Decide how you want to respond.

Step two: Talk to the person directly.

Use language like “When you ……. I feel …..; I need …..; Will you …..”

Example: “When you [keep poking me], I feel [upset]. I need [to have space without being touched]. Will you [please stop touching me]?”

Step three: Find someone to help you if step 2 isn’t working.

Step four: Fill out a Conflict Form and a voluntary group of parents/kids will listen to you and help you discern what the next step is.


If a member wants to propose a specific offering they can fill out an offering form (available at POP and below) and post it on the bulletin board in order to generate and gauge interest for the offering. Once sufficient interest is gauged, a member may bring the offering form to the circle meeting to schedule the offering. 

Classes may be formed by using this process or they may come about much more spontaneously and informally through discussion. 

You may suggest activities, clubs, classes that interest you, in which you want others to share. One way to generate interest from other members is to fill out an offering form and post it on the bulletin board. 

circle meetings

Each day at about 1:15 PM (time is flexible, sometimes doesn’t start until 2pm) we have a short meeting to plan the day and schedule offerings that  members want to make happen at POP or as a field trip. We also discuss issues that affect the community. If a member wishes to bring an issue to the community for discussion, they may do so at any circle meeting. Many of the community norms and expectations outlined in this handbook (open to changes) will be the result of discussions that have happened at these meetings. Attendance at the meetings is optional, though on occasion we have a mandatory meeting to discuss important information.

kitchen & food

You may bring food from home to prepare, eat, and/or share. We are welcome to use the Fourth’s fridge, freezer, kitchenware (pots, pans, dishware, utensils), coffee pot, microwave, and stove.*

We have 2 kitchen cabinets labeled for POP, where we can store shared snacks, plastic cups & plates, sponges (blue), towels, soap, ziplock bags etc.

Please eat at the table in the kitchen, or the tables directly outside the kitchen, in the hall. When you are done eating, clean the table, chair, and area around you.

No Food or drink elsewhere in the building. (Exception being water bottles)

Label shared foods with “POP” and place in or near the POP Box in the fridge, or in a POP cabinet. Personal food items should be taken home daily. We must wash, dry and return items used each day. If you are able, wash and dry after you are finished using items. Otherwise, items should be placed in the sink to be cleaned at the end of our day.
The blue sponges and tie-dyed towels belong to POP, and should be brought home weekly on Friday to wash.

NO sitting on the kitchen counters (cleanliness issue).

*Please have your adult help or supervise if you need to use the microwave, coffee maker, or stove

Member Agreement

POP Louisville Member Agreement

Being a member of POP comes with great privileges, including (but not limited to):

  • Participation in fun offerings/classes/games/activities at POP Louisville
  • Ability to create and offer classes/courses/opportunities at POP Louisville
  • Being an important part of creating the POP Community
  • Time, space, and support to pursue your own interests and passions

In order to be a member of POP, we ask for your contribution to our community in the following ways:

  • Productive participation in mandatory meetings*. (*Meetings may include: Set the Month/Week/Day, Circle, Change-Up, Seasonal. Very few will be mandatory.)
  • Clean up after yourself throughout the day and at afternoon cleanup time
  • Respect community agreements we implement and practice from “Change-up” meetings, and outlined in our handbook.
  • Responsible use of our physical resources (furniture, art supplies, paper, computers, etc.)
  • Respect rules of the spaces we occupy. 
  • Be Kind. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Take responsibility for creating a fun, happy, safe, and supportive community.
  • Respect the personal boundaries and bodies of others and yourself. 
  • Behave in a way that does not interfere with others activity or work.
  • Be part of figuring out problems between friends.

We welcome playing, laughter, and socializing at POP. We do not welcome disrespectful or bullying behavior towards others. 

Within reasonable limits, hosts may request help from any member at any time to help tidy up POP. 

I have read the POP Handbook (with assistance from an adult, if necessary) in its entirety and  agree to abide by the rules of POP.