Our space


A Self-Directed Learning Community

Our Space

Pop Louisville rents space from Fourth Presbyterian Church. Otherwise we are not affiliated with the church. 

Mail For Inquiry

info @ poplouisville.com

01. The Hall

The main room has lots of seating options, WiFi, and glorious air conditioning. There is, a large air hockey table, scooters, as well as a badminton or volleyball net and shuffleboard in the closet (waiting to be set up and played!).  We often set up different stations of play throughout the main room.

02. Kitchen

There is a big beautiful kitchen, with a snack cabinet and coffee available. Feel free to grab a drink or snacks, we just ask that you chip in at some point with a contribution to cover costs, or bring in drinks and snacks to share. If your family has life-threatening food allergies, please let the volunteer organizers know, so we can keep our space safe for everyone.

03. POP Room

The downstairs room that is all ours! Art supplies, toys, blocks, games and more. 

04. Double Digits Room

The downstairs room that is just for kids 10+. A space for discussion, games, debates, friendship, play. NOT for roughhousing. We house computers and items not suitable for the younger crowd.  

05. Reading Lounge

A small room up-upstairs from the Hall, with a variety of board games, books and lounging spots. No rough housing in the lounge, or on the stairs. Keep physical play in the designated open area in the Hall or Outside.

06. The Maker Space

(details coming soon)

07. The Nursery

A carpeted nursery downstairs, with a small climbing slide. Please keep small items (choking hazards) out of this room, and available to our youngest members.

08. Playground

A fenced playground if you want to take your play outdoors.