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A Self-Directed Learning Community

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POP Louisville is an inclusive, LGBTQIA+ friendly community creating a playful and self-directed environment for homeschoolers age 6-18 . We are a non-profit and parent-run group located in Louisville KY.

We are a secular, diverse, and collaborative group that provides a non-judgmental space for learning experiences and social interactions.

At POP, we believe that people are naturally curious and they learn better when making their own decisions about what, when, how, and with whom to learn.

Adults (“facilitators”) are present to guide kids through their learning and to help them strengthen their social skills. 

At the moment, we are not a drop-off. (This is a future goal for us). If a kid is at co-op, the parent or guardian must also be present and attentive.

*Self-Directed Education (SDE): Education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the learner. More info:

Please fill out this form to visit! (So we know who and how many to expect)

Feel free to email info(at) with any questions.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1pm – 4pm.

You choose which days you would like to attend. You can come one, two or three days each week.


We meet at 3016 Preston Hwy Louisville KY 40217, inside Fourth Presbyterian Church. (map link) We are not affiliated with the church, other than renting their awesome space.


Monthly Membership Dues per child.

We currently offer “Levels” of membership, based on how many days you attend. (Works out to about $2.50 a day)

“Level 1” One day per week – $10/month (~ 4 meetups)

“Level 2” Two days per week – $20/month (~ 8 meetups)

“Level 3” Three days per week – $30/month (~12 meetups)

We offer multiple free visits at first, so families can determine if our community is right for them, and vice versa. We strive to keep dues as low as possible.